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File: 1503706421507.gif (556.11 KB, 380x375, 1410494901489.gif) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

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File: 1503707079054.gif (164.61 KB, 570x379, 1485385062565.gif) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

So it is


File: 1503707519516.jpg (202.49 KB, 850x1222, 0807986e2d237fba84696497f2….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]



File: 1503708025730.jpg (862.57 KB, 1180x835, 1313436574760.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]


It's fridey night!


File: 1503708152786.gif (1.2 MB, 480x272, 1428816346747.gif) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Holy heck


File: 1503708458566.jpg (1.09 MB, 1000x1902, fridey_night_burb.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]


Can you imagine going shopping with very cute idols on friday getting ready to have an amazingly fun party with them all night!?


File: 1503709448022.jpg (161.59 KB, 1000x686, __abe_nana_mifune_miyu_sat….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Only if they're big girl idols who know how to properly enjoy a friday


All idols are cute and pretty and beautiful and properly enjoy fridey nights!


File: 1503709605629.jpg (335.63 KB, 600x849, __takagaki_kaede_idolmaste….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Yes but only some of them are big girls who know lifes true pleasure


Sipping a nice cup of tea at the perfect temperature?


File: 1503710592497.jpg (344.19 KB, 600x778, __kawashima_mizuki_idolmas….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Sipping a nice cold beer at the perfect temperature…


Beer makes you fat…


File: 1503711788345.jpg (164.01 KB, 1280x824, __kawashima_mizuki_mifune_….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Not if you make sure to exercise it off!


File: 1503712735785.jpg (397.38 KB, 724x1024, 1370108390631.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Now sake on the other hand…


You still need to exercise it off. Even hard alcohol is still fairly high in calories!


File: 1503713086118.jpg (145.64 KB, 900x1100, 1351433518982.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Can we just pretend it isn't?


File: 1503713319944.png (902.8 KB, 1280x824, __mifune_miyu_and_satou_sh….png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

You can pretend but if you're a hard working idol in rigorous training that isn't a luxury you can afford…


File: 1503713754200.jpg (184.53 KB, 1130x1600, 1842d8de4b3714cf9a916858b9….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Drinking rum and coffee with my nen frens


File: 1503713900738.jpg (468.05 KB, 874x1240, 1350790297208.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Playing pretend only works if you pretend with me fren.


i like whiskey and coffee better. rum and coffee taste too sugary for my tastes.


Shouldn't you drink whisky neat though? It's so delicious on its own it would be a bit of a shame to make it taste like coffee.

Though I can understand from time to time it could be a delicious treat.


File: 1503716429979.jpg (170.37 KB, 719x544, __rumia_touhou_drawn_by_ja….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

I wish I could drink beer, but even a single one gives me a headache later.


File: 1503716933162.png (759.48 KB, 780x1300, k403.png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Look at these young girls. /nen/ is filled with lolicons.


Have you tried other types of alcohol?


I like my fancy whiskey neat, but I do enjoy a nice irish coffee with my less stellar whiskey


Stellar is a very totemo cute word, hurray!~


File: 1503718342157.png (177.67 KB, 700x950, __kawashima_mizuki_idolmas….png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

yeah its one of my new favorite words its very suteki


File: 1503726105901.jpg (529.67 KB, 1000x749, 1351428140860.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

I have sake now


File: 1503727726280.jpg (167.2 KB, 1280x824, mizuki ssr.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

I don't drink alcohol because there predators like in >>14741 who take advantage of drunk people to do all sorts of things.

One down. If Mizuki-chan isn't careful she's next.


That looks really comfortable, I'm sure you could have really fulfilling conversations in a setting like that.


File: 1503728322811.jpg (145.16 KB, 850x850, sample-e91c1778c3ea4abac69….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

i had sake at a japanese restuarnt a while ago and it made me think my meal would be the meal of a japanese emperor hundreds of years ago


How was it, did you enjoy your dinner? What temperature was the sake?


File: 1503729405872.jpg (175.41 KB, 850x1211, sample-7d587b44910f102213f….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

very good yes I love seafood and asian food and especially japanese food, i love udon and tempura and sushi rolls, my favorite rolls are anything that incorporate unagi which tastes like liquid gold


Yeah it's really comfortable until you suddenly pass out and wake up like this >>12297


I love eel as well, I'll go for ramen any day of the week but if I'm feeling off Udon will make my day.

That's a risk I'm willing to take.


File: 1503749077576.jpg (1.7 MB, 2107x3023, 554286.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]



File: 1503770828307.jpg (98.87 KB, 460x480, 1350436163796.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

It is indeed, we have made it to caturday.


meow meow nyaa


File: 1503783633694.jpg (108.91 KB, 600x750, naruhodou.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

>Any kind of Reproduction, distribution, public representation, or via web transmission, is severely forbidden.

Infringing on copyrights with nen!


File: 1503788689095.jpg (60.9 KB, 570x800, 1499562464825.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]


File: 1503789005535.jpg (1.96 MB, 5127x3482, __hiro_miyako_sae_ume_sens….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

nyaa nyaa nyaa nyaa


File: 1504308981678.jpg (47.39 KB, 496x496, fridey.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]



File: 1504310156731.png (584.77 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Youkai Apar….png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

woah i checked my calendar and you're right!!


File: 1504310314275.png (155.41 KB, 364x260, osakafriday.png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]


I don't believe it!


Fridey night is here at last!


mya mya myaaa




Saturdey nite


Doyoubi to wa chigau noda yo, doyoubi to wa.


File: 1504416709884.jpg (212.83 KB, 1200x1200, DE3asTdUAAI9ras.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

A date with a fren?


meow meow nyaa meow nyaa nyaa meow nyaaaa meow nya




It's fridey night again


It is! Finally able to start taking it easy again.


i'm going to cook instand noodles and watch made in abyss


File: 1504928453153.gif (754.59 KB, 512x288, tumblr_ours6qu5lg1tlyjpto1….gif) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

had fridey night nachos


friday weekend pizza!!

i also made all my rice and beans for next weeks meals!


File: 1504940372331.jpg (605.93 KB, 625x900, 1349263161411.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Fridey nite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


File: 1504950682852.png (873.73 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Princess Pr….png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Uh actually it's saturday morning…


File: 1504962794527.png (577.49 KB, 849x1200, cat.png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Caturday morning!


File: 1504965061000.png (460.67 KB, 888x983, __ange_princess_principal_….png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

meow meow nyaaaaa


File: 1504965403702.jpg (775.57 KB, 1154x1280, 8f9835c9b1819c1420e4d0e94d….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]



File: 1504988653178.png (348.37 KB, 600x620, 1471607259970.png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

check out this cat


Wow, it's long!


fridey nite leftover chinese


File: 1505508850546.gif (2.6 MB, 450x253, 1371239157346.gif) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]


File: 1505514671657.gif (22.28 KB, 181x267, 1264442228452.gif) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Wow it's fridey again already!


File: 1506708561918.png (38.38 KB, 600x600, peek.png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Is it back?


File: 1506708869686.jpg (282.79 KB, 1230x1589, serval.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]




File: 1506739881735.jpg (130.53 KB, 640x480, 1309382507741.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Yeah it's FRIDEY!


File: 1506740362759.gif (1.71 MB, 303x399, jj.gif) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

ate burned popcorn I had a terrible stomachache a few hours later it ended when I puked everything I ate
I hope next friday is better I won't forget this time


File: 1506740723308.jpeg (185.25 KB, 1024x768, fullsizeoutput_311.jpeg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

fridey night tonight means playing games eating corn chips and listening ro the tv in the background!


remember not to drink too much or your fridays wont be fun!


Drinking sake, listening to music.


File: 1507313687793.png (2.35 MB, 2250x600, 895d8f80684bec8c050992bab0….png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

I'm spending this fridey night with Friends!




File: 1507319462697.webm (933.43 KB, 612x580, 1461026815686.webm) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

My computer experience is down to checking twitter, /nen/, one or two blogs, a videogame or two, anki and study material.

So my fridey nites and other free time is spent literally doing nothing.

How can I spice up my internet life?


Have a friday night party with your /nen/frens!


That's my life.


File: 1507325011402.gif (279.68 KB, 420x234, 1459533095169.gif) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

This is my life too. I get drunk sometimes to spice it up but I usually regret it.


try joining a site you never thought about joining, like Pinterest!


I do the same but without twitter, blogs, videogames and anki.


File: 1507338406201.gif (17.43 KB, 110x110, 48.gif) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Is it really Fridey?


File: 1507338697083.jpg (152.67 KB, 1139x804, 1320639036815.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

I believe so!


File: 1507342229945.jpg (159.45 KB, 645x537, 5e5245b59da451f8071a059ed4….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

I didn't get the job, but I just got to GANBARU EVEN MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


File: 1507343204612.png (105.16 KB, 512x512, 1299577252797.png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Their loss friend, keep fighting!


fridey is alrdy over…..


File: 1507349012919.jpg (71.31 KB, 550x400, 1304785682798.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

I have three more hours of Fridey, let my fridey be your fridey!


File: 1507349752600.jpg (119.73 KB, 860x720, 3011.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Fridey is just getting started…


only when you've gone to sleep


File: 1507350222330.jpg (84.74 KB, 640x360, 1308855088296.jpg (640×360….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

How is your fridey going, how is everyone's fridey going!


by the look of the clock it's going to end soon


Drinking green tea and playing old DOS games.


Sound's peaceful to me.


File: 1507928289268.png (58.52 KB, 324x306, watamote_fun.png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]


File: 1507929884444.jpg (666.59 KB, 2479x3475, yohane.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

This F13 Yohane has risen! Death and destruction en masse is en route to a city near you.
Can she be stopped?


File: 1507931241151.png (640.21 KB, 1200x1200, __shirasaka_koume_friday_t….png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]



File: 1507931861752.jpeg (218.95 KB, 1280x1564, fullsizeoutput_c0.jpeg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Friday night and splat fest has finally arived!


File: 1507932643207.jpg (512.46 KB, 850x1100, vampire vs werewolf.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Are you a werewolf or a vampire?

Or are you a European fighting over… toilet paper.


File: 1507933213062.jpeg (61.47 KB, 640x360, fullsizeoutput_b2.jpeg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

vampire, easy choice


File: 1508522983399.gif (567.54 KB, 600x450, 1508114009207.gif) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]



Just had a Friday night pizza!


I wish there were good pizzas in my country..


File: 1508536062233.jpg (115.26 KB, 1050x1400, 1446528488792(1).jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

weekend pizza just went into the oven!

was it tasty?


Simply make your own! Or just buy pita bread and top and bake it like you would a pizza.


File: 1508538204865.png (428.88 KB, 1280x681, tumblr_ottoc2JdJ61tl61voo1….png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

drank all my coffee….


tumblrites are slowly learning the cute arts


File: 1508540104867.jpg (330.84 KB, 1419x2539, f423c057ce4e499119913197f7….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

lots of japanese artists have blogs there now especially ones that specialise in drawing LL like this one


File: 1508541531113.jpg (310.61 KB, 850x1083, mawrie.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

I like LLs like that one.


File: 1508542284361.jpg (222.14 KB, 1433x2160, __nishikino_maki_love_live….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

how do i get the hd version of that artists pictures? they look really cute but kind of fuzzy


File: 1508543597406.jpg (157.53 KB, 850x1281, ab7f2ad80b0d84f2cefb2e1dd9….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]



It was great! My Friday pizza is the highlight of the week!


but thats a lower resolution version


got fridey nite burg today. woo!


Thank you Nen for being here


File: 1508551313152.jpg (796.9 KB, 1399x1000, 1370584228751.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

I agree, thank you nenfrens for being the cute posting lovely people that you all are!


what kind of burg?

thank goodness my weekend pizza was greaty too!



That's adorable.


File: 1509732462566.jpg (105.97 KB, 800x800, boogie.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]



File: 1509735344056.jpg (146.98 KB, 1280x720, 1434800873623.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Another Fridey? They can't keep getting away with this…


File: 1509777104972.jpeg (39.86 KB, 593x334, fullsizeoutput_e.jpeg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

all along on fridey nite…….


im here with you


File: 1509777581712.jpg (767.38 KB, 868x1226, 1397943522789.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Your frens are here with you on nen.


File: 1510338660187.gif (128.67 KB, 600x680, patriot.gif) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Freedom Friday!


File: 1510341196694.gif (1.53 MB, 540x303, tumblr_oz4pnu93Gl1syeyvqo1….gif) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]



File: 1510350008037.jpg (154.08 KB, 613x750, __nakano_azusa_k_on_drawn_….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

fridey nite


File: 1510353641648.jpg (39.71 KB, 640x359, sh9.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Secret トワレ.


File: 1510355534641.gif (2.49 MB, 520x287, 4c0f99787459bbcecbce44d710….gif) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]



File: 1510363804698.jpg (126.15 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot13543.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

childhood friend fridey


File: 1510364765387.jpg (87.86 KB, 768x768, 34358133_p0.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

♫Friday Night♫


File: 1510935070274.gif (779.45 KB, 500x376, taptap.gif) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

fridey meal time


File: 1510945206016.gif (2.18 MB, 576x324, endless melonpan.gif) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Is Fridey real?


Not for NEET


File: 1510984200322.jpg (603.95 KB, 1053x1260, 1441217953639.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

finally got home its not too late to friday post is it


File: 1511539197566.jpg (248.55 KB, 638x950, idiot gets owned.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

black fridey!

Trample any soccer moms to death for a sweet TV that was 50% off?


File: 1511541508108.jpg (99.62 KB, 750x830, __matsuura_kanan_and_ohara….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

I put off making a wish list of things I want for too long. Now I don't even know what to look for, but everything is on sale and its pretty stressful knowing that I'm missing out on all the good deals.


You still have cyber monday.


File: 1511542719197.jpg (161.89 KB, 1000x1000, Cpp31lDVYAELPyk.jpg:large.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

too much work


File: 1511542928698.jpg (177.1 KB, 370x1415, WX9Wtie.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]


who made those babies


They did


File: 1511545682143.jpg (172.34 KB, 1920x1080, [FFF] Gochuumon wa Usagi D….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

no black fridey deals here……


When will they release the BD of Dear My Sister? I want to watch..





File: 1511548214407.jpg (751.69 KB, 768x1024, __matsuura_kanan_and_ohara….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Ordered S1-2 of Amagami SS and WUG movie for $27.

cute cute!


File: 1511552905556.jpg (133.68 KB, 720x960, tumblr_oz8rf7FyLg1uu7duto1….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Who needs BDs when you can watch it in theatres?


I should've watched it after all..


There are ads for this all over Akiba.


When did you arrive? When will you leave? Where did you go? Sorry, you don't have to answer.


I arrived on the 13th of November and I'm leaving on the 29th. I started the trip in Shinjuku, spent a week in Kyoto, and now I'm finishing the trip off in Akihabara.

I'm going to do some shopping here soon before I depart.


Sounds like a great time! Thank you for replying!


how they are both v*rgin girls



File: 1511633660863.jpg (323.14 KB, 1200x685, strap-on.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Something like that


I wanted to buy character themed glow sticks but Kaede's was 6000, a 4000 yen increase over the rest and that was too much.

I might cave in eventually and buy Rin and Kaede's though.


File: 1511669074727.png (1.04 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] THE iDOLM@S….png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

They know what people want. But that is a lot for glow stick. You can buy a used fig for that.


used figs are lonely figs


File: 1511674403416.jpg (23.1 KB, 300x250, WaifuSE.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

So buy one and put her next to another fig. It's like getting your pet from a rescue shelter.


File: 1511674938340.jpg (86.62 KB, 600x772, __hoshizora_rin_and_shibuy….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

i've been getting confused recently whether people mean Rin or Shiburin, am i the only one?


File: 1511678263744.jpg (32.53 KB, 343x429, t3_7d96hi.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Is that boy on the left named Rin too?


You mean the mega cute love heart max x90 million cute girl?


one is a goof and the other is a dork so it's easy to distinguish


File: 1511719133983.png (706.18 KB, 1000x750, __hoshizora_rin_kurosawa_r….png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

stop that right meow


File: 1512149026523.jpg (379.87 KB, 720x640, magic owls.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Friend friday


File: 1512188078059.jpg (348.69 KB, 600x600, 46843611_p0_master1200.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]



File: 1512190893970.jpg (317.7 KB, 1600x1200, 1310110923045.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Oh my god it's fridey night again!


File: 1512193225784.jpg (119.35 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot15758.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]



File: 1512756535198.gif (227.31 KB, 240x320, aqua.gif) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]


this awful week is finally about to end.


File: 1512760117805.jpg (260.26 KB, 1280x1299, t3_7e80xy.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]


File: 1512762086239.png (211.56 KB, 640x360, mystery burger thief.png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

μses burgers.


Who is this mysterious girl?


File: 1513974225079.png (79.59 KB, 197x350, kawaii-winter.png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]



File: 1513974445897.png (104.94 KB, 1107x258, 123123.png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]


Reposting this so its in the last 50 posts!





File: 1514597554675.jpg (248.7 KB, 1256x1500, 1349903759693.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

The last fridey of 2017, I'll be spending the rest of the weekend and the start of the new year with nen.


File: 1515197721362.jpg (100.11 KB, 1280x720, [GudangGaram] Overlord II ….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

What a day…




File: 1515815793683.jpg (56.19 KB, 876x876, 982cae352c2d7673998ebc46d9….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

I think drawings of tired-looking girls are really cute.


File: 1515884676538.jpg (48.91 KB, 1024x576, 2a10462ce5d6c83f50510606d8….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]


File: 1515884936991.jpg (75.72 KB, 800x450, 1st_date_a_live_episode_sc….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]



File: 1515895087826.png (485.69 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] DanMachi Ga….png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]


bully elf mage


File: 1515899512933.jpg (83.2 KB, 1280x720, [Kuusou] New Game! - 08 [C….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]


File: 1516384691544.jpg (298.27 KB, 615x900, manifest destiny.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

It's fridey! But also National Popcorn Day!


so you know todays flower?


File: 1516388590827.jpg (508.63 KB, 800x800, __erika_jumpluff_and_vilep….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

It must be the cotton flower because it looks like a popcorn.


File: 1516388769060.jpg (61.03 KB, 580x564, Maize_2006_08_20_AppleyBri….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Today's flower is the maize. Did you know that maize fruits will explode when heated? This technique is used to make a snack food in many countries known as "popped corn".


File: 1516388887458.png (354.15 KB, 960x720, [DŌMO] NINJA Slayer from A….png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

oh no, i got ninja'd

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