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Should I go to med school or become a storyteller?


Become a medicine preacher.


If you're far along take some mcat practice tests and see how you do and maybe then decide after talking to your advisors. Those are two very different goals though that take a really different level of education so I hope you can decide well


honestly medical is less intimidating than writing


it depends on your goals, nurse vs neurosurgeon for an easy example


Try to get an internship at a clinic or a hospital to see if that type of work actually appeals to you. Shouldn't be too difficult to get one if it's only for a few weeks, they'll just have you sign an NDA. If you genuinely enjoy working with sick people it's a great job but if you just do it for the money and treat it as a chore you'll burn out pretty fast. If you want to go into research instead, a "hard" science like chemistry might be a better choice since you have more areas to branch into and find your niche.
To me, writing sound more like a calling than a profession you actively choose. If you really want to be a writer try getting in touch with a small publisher and send them some of your work or try to get an opinion on it from a professional writer and see if they can give you some advice on how to improve or how to get started as a writer.

If you look into different fields that appeal to you and try to get some hands-on experience I'm sure you'll find something that you like eventually!


Man I'm really losing sight


You can do both


medical scribes are kind of like medical storytellers.


Bump I still can't decide

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