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File: 1512673128411.jpg (385.03 KB, 665x915, __hakurei_reimu_kotonoha_a….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

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Talk about games or look for frens to play with in this thread!
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oh no...


does anyone still plays Tree of Savior?


I bet its guilty gear anime


That game reminds me of frens too much and makes me sad.


Did you have good times playing it?


File: 1529104121438.png (38.54 KB, 769x612, 403 Forbidden.png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Guess they don't want foreigners overloading the site when the announcement drops. It was working fine this morning.


It was a kill la kill game. Thankfully its not actually developed by Arcsys... they have better things to work on imo.


Its just another one piece naruto dragon ball 3d fighter thing I think. I figured they'd make a 2d fighter which would have been really cool...


File: 1529176160231.gif (514.88 KB, 500x281, 1394161418671.gif) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

I really enjoyed Kill la Kill so I can't wait for this new game, great music and a lot of energy.

More Ami Koshimizu too...


File: 1529385661051.jpg (67.58 KB, 1280x720, [ron] Vivid Strike! - 04 [….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

I started playing rune factory 3. Its pretty fun overall but the dungeon has me absolutely seething right now. I'm not even on hard mode but my beastform is doing absolutely no damage whatsoever... And the ally I'm supposed to fight with during this quest has braindead AI and focuses only on monsters instead of the thing spawning the monsters.

If this keeps up I might go nuclear.


File: 1529619576988.webm (5.38 MB, 640x360, videoplayback.webm) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]


Was there some sort of PC release for this?



There was. Of course it's JP only and looks like it's a hassle to install if you don't know Japanese.


File: 1529782810710.jpg (509.15 KB, 1920x1063, Transistor_Game_Art_Superg….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

I bought Transistor during the summer sale!
It's a gripping love story between a mute singer and her robo sword.
The combat is really fun, I like the art and the final boss was amazing!
I give it 5 out of 5 /nen/stars!


That's a fun one! The whole power combining system is neat. The only thing I don't like is it uses the same difficulty system from their previous game.


File: 1529799033575.gif (20.93 KB, 648x408, ultima4title.gif) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

The next classic RPG on my list is this.

Doesn't seem too bad so far, but it feels like I'm going to miss something very important for the endgame.


Why didn't you buy it years ago?? You missed out on lots of fun!

I recursed through the story a couple times, once you figure out a few combos that work for you, it becomes ez modo. I tried it with a few limiters too, but most just aren't really interesting to use though.


So I wanna start playing the Atelier series, but I don't know where to start.
Was thinking of getting Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk.
Any assistance from nenfrens?


I really like Meruru from the Arland series. I haven't played an atelier game in a long time though, so I'm sure some of the newer ones probably have better graphics and stuff..


Totori is cute and I love her!


I like Rorona, Totori, and Meruru, but I've never played any of the Dusk games, sorry. I should really play them someday too.


Despite my anger over the combat mechanics, RF3 was a really good game and I'm now playing RF4. I actually like the combat less in this one because everytime you attack it uses up stamina and that gets really annoying. Its a good thing there's rune flowers across the map that restore stamina otherwise it'd get really troublesome.


File: 1531245400855.jpeg (795.03 KB, 1489x2123, image.jpeg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

I found this in the grass at a local park.


Sounds like someone got mad.


I was thinking some kid dropped it.


File: 1531402503265.webm (214.3 KB, 280x200, meowstress.webm) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Anyone getting MonHun Generations Ultimate?


Maybe you could leave a poster up where you found it, if I was a kid and lost a game I'd be devastated.


But then someone else will just say it's theirs and take it. If there was something unique to it, it wouldn't be so bad.

Like back on gameboy, the progress would be saved on the cartridge and you could ask someone that lost their pokemon cart "where did you get up to?" or "what pokemon did you have?" and they'd be able to say and it'd match what's on the cartridge and you could be confident that it was theirs. I don't think you can do that with switch, but I'm not sure.


You could say you found a lost game, and ask the person to phone or mail you the name and system. I guess in 2018 it would obviously be a switch cart but they'd still have to guess what game it is.


I've wanted to play a monster hunter but they've all been on nintendos and I don't have that nintendo


I'd play Nintendo with you.


I don't have a nintendo


There is one on PS4.


And if you're really desperate, you can always just emulate the PSP games. You can even netplay, but it seems like a huge hassle to set up.


File: 1531459493619.webm (1.36 MB, 1280x720, MHW unga bunga TCS.webm) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

It's on Xbox too, and PC version is coming next month


I need a new GPU but everything is still so expensive..


They completely stopped selling 1080s from the store I usually get such things from, they aren't even listed on the website. It's not getting any better.


I thought the situation would improve by now. DQXI is coming to PC on September and I really want to play it. It's wishful thinking but I hope the price would stabilize by then.


File: 1531939621748.webm (1.96 MB, 1024x640, balloon.webm) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

What a pain...


I hope they release the new EDF for PC too.


That would be nice, but I don't think I'd be able to run it anyway. I'm not sure if I could even run 4.1.


Don't keep your hopes up


what anime girls is this?


Guess this is why most games use airships instead of balloons.


Ultima 4: Quest of the Anime


if any frens use UNIX with a window manager that doesnt always play nice with wine, such that the later touhou games won't start with a real window, you can make them run in a virtual windows desktop with wine
wine explorer /desktop=eternitylarvaacute,1920x1080 th16.exe
if the game runs fullscreen, the desktop will change size to match what size the game wants to be, and exit when the game does.
I put this in a script from which I launch all my touhous.


File: 1532140794150.png (213.15 KB, 1024x667, congrats man.png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Good to know. I still have a windows partition that I use for windows only stuff so I'll probably forget about it by the time I need it.


isnt it a pain to restart for every windows only game and such?


File: 1532171841237.jpg (1.56 MB, 1200x1689, __wilbell_voll_erslied_ate….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Thank you for everyone who suggested which Atelier title I should start with, I went with my original choice.
I love Wilbell!

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