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File: 1515607884563.jpg (44.34 KB, 480x680, 1.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]


Hello, I am Aspe-chan.
I am a girl with Aspergers.

As someone who grew up with Aspergers, I had many difficulties.
-I didn't understand fine nuances
-I didn't like being touched
-I had trouble responding to things that I didn't expect (TL NOTE: this line is hard to read, may be incorrect)
So I thought I'd draw something to make people aware of the aspects of Aspergers

"Aspergers" is something that many people are still unfamiliar with.
This manga is about "Aspe-chan" and her everyday life with Aspergers.


File: 1515607986720.jpg (52.37 KB, 480x680, 2.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Can't Understand Fine Nuances
Aspe-chan can't understand fine nuances.
Because of this she struggles with vague directions.

Particularly difficult words are "A little", "That", "Over there", "Quite a bit", "Just enough", "Whatever looks good", etc…
At Work: Could you pull out a little of that?
I don't understand this at all!

What is that? How many is a little?
Eh!? Isn't that common sense!? That is **! A little is a little!! About 3!
Do I have to explain it that much for you to understand…
People become angry sometimes…

When you ask someone with Aspergers to do something, it's hard for them to understand if you use vague words.
X: "A little" "That" "Quickly"
O: "3" "This right here" "By this time"
If you give them detailed instructions, they will be able to do their job properly!! Aspe-chan likes doing things properly.


File: 1515608050162.jpg (51.16 KB, 480x680, 3.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Taking Words Literally
Aspe-chan in her elementary school years.

When her teacher is angry with her (she doesn't understand why her teacher is angry).
If you don't want to do it then go home!!
It's okay to go home!!?

Okay, I'm going home then~

Obviously you're not supposed to go home!!
*punsuka-pun* (TL NOTE: angry noises)
But you just said it was okay to go home…
People with Aspergers will take what you say literally!!

After this she was yelled at a lot…


File: 1515608135429.jpg (49.61 KB, 480x680, 4.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

What is Normal
I've always been told:
"Can't you do it normally?"
"Strange girl"
"You move weirdly"
and other such things.

My "normal" isn't "normal". I can't do the things that other people do "normally".
Am I a failure at life? … I thought a lot about what is "normal".

But "normal" is the things that everyone can do and take for granted.
Normal things:
-Walking normally
-Not dropping food while eating
-Not tripping over yourself and falling
Amazing thing:
Something other people can't replicate
Rather than worrying about what they can't do, people with Aspergers should do the things that they are good at! I made it into a positive thing.

People with Aspergers are good at "Concentration", "Memorization", etc…
-Work gets done when you concentrate on it.
-You can become an expert in 1 thing.
This is something that other people can't replicate; it's more impressive than being able to do "normal" things.


Thank you for posting this.


Reminds me I found and downloaded this recently, I haven't watched it yet though:


I have very little faith in Japan to care about this type of thing compared to the west, but the creator sounds like she would: https://myanimelist.net/people/24515/Akari_Hoshi


Nice Edutianment… Edcutetainment?


I guess it will teach me to assume things, but for some reason I didn't expect looking for the original artist of these to end with finding quite so many lewd images; let alone that many pictures of her thighs.


I saw this as well, thought it was really cute.

Isn't she a cosplayer?


File: 1515621703197.png (82.01 KB, 500x500, wuby3.png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Ganbarruby Aspe chan!


Yeah, she's a cosplayer and apparently recently released her first doujinshi at the last comiket.

Her twitter is @akagikuro. It's very NSFW.


i hope she feels better


Those images aren't in their original size. Get them from her twitter with :orig, it'll be much easier to read.


>If you don't want to do it then go home!!
>It's okay to go home!!?

>Okay, I'm going home then~

I had a similar misunderstanding in elementary school…


Aspe-chan is amazing!


Me too…


I'd think most kids would try to pull the same thing if you told them that.

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