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File: 1555972985344.png (412.46 KB, 1126x679, RIPnanami.png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]


Nanami's days are numbered...


OS-tans live forever on the machines that never get updated anyway, and in 2040 or so people will reinstall it out of curiosity on a VM or something.




She'll still live on in my super old pentium 3 machine. It was still working when I last tried it a few years ago.


What is this?

Sent from my XP


Can't wait for the zero day rootkit to be unleashed on the 15th.


I'll never stop using her.


me and nanamin, we are inseparable


Come on nen it's time to upgrade. Look at all these cool features you're missing out on!


I just used Windows 10 recently and was impressed at how much it has improved in usability from its original release. That was when they tried forcing people over at gun point. I did get a chance to try the Windows 10 subsystem for Linux thing some nenfren told me about. I was shocked at how well it worked. It's nice not to be forced into setting up cygwin, minigw and all those other various tools you would need for some kind of slightly sane environment on Windows. All the Debain packages were there and worked. I didn't need to hunt down (or worse, compile) some special build just for Windows and manually add it to PATH. I didn't play with it long enough to see how it interacted with the Chocolatey package manager. If the system wasn't entirely spyware, I might just say I'd be comfortable using it.


File: 1579095182350.png (40.64 KB, 1280x1200, OhNo.png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]


So it's still operable right?
Do I have to fear for "viruses" when I have installed several antivirus?


yes. you should really upgrade to windows 10 or some linux distribution


use it offline if you have to


File: 1579129450295.jpg (191.03 KB, 600x849, __madobe_nanami_and_7_tan_….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

it's overblown, you'll probably be fine as long as you don't browse sketchy websites.


File: 1579133436499.png (246.96 KB, 1007x891, Untitled.png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

maybe you should stay on Windows 7 after all...


time to unleash my zero day rootkit...


Apparently we were using XP at my job up until about 2017...

My boss says he'll upgrade to 10 but will find some way to stop automatic updates which basically would make an upgrade pointless in the first place. I don't get why installing updates once a month is so hard for some people?? Just set a reminder and get it done.


Updates break things, or force you to reboot, and cause all sorts of problems regularly. If you dont update your software that works just continues to work.


I think the enterprise editions of Windows 10 can disable updates, or can be set to only get security updates.


Continues to work until North Koreans encrypt all your data and throw away the key...


does anybody know what laptop that is? It looks so sexy...


It's an old lenovo.


File: 1610316895919.jpg (935.02 KB, 1368x1824, 7-graduation-2019-06-05.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]


File: 1610510235873.jpg (1.58 MB, 3226x2419, IMG_20210109_084355.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

I still use windows 7 on my desktop and some of my thinkpads. its still usable, just have ublock on something like seamonkey or waterfox, then run through the install gentoo's recommendations for cleaning it up.


I think you need to clean your carpet fren


thats a nice sunflower picture you should hang it up!


Hecking cute marisa


I used win7 with alt browsers but mine was 32 bit, so I had to switch. So I jumped into Kubuntu (kde very nice) and never looked back. My win usually froze on large filetransfers (like copying the contents of a 128gb flash drive and moving around large amounts on pics from phones) which made it troublesome to actually use it as a higher tier storage aggregator.
Been using linux since last early fall and I have not had to touch the command line ever since


using command line can be fun if you learn it
though I can understand how encountering things that /make/ you use it when you're unfamiliar with it is frustrating.
please consider (´ω`)


Ah don't worry. I want scalable virtualized storage on the long run for my personal data. All I was trying to say I replaced win7 on my daily browsing machine with ease and the OS doesn't need any special attention or fiddling aside from quick updates that are handled from the gui(no restarts needed either so pretty nice)
I even got to run a 20 year old game that was already finicky to get to run even on windows in wine so I'm happy with my stuff

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