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File: 1561042396443.jpg (709.02 KB, 1200x846, 61288856_p0_master1200.jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]


Hi nenfrens!
What is your current favorite anime?
are you excited for any upcoming series?


Sorry I haven't watched an anime for a while. The last thing I watched was Kemono Friends.


flip flappers is one of my favorites now


Dororo's probably my favorite thing airing right now. It's not exactly a cute happy story though.

Fairy Gone is pretty good too, but there's a ton of backstory and politics stuff. Also I really doubt they're going to finish the story by the end of the season, hope they've got a second one lined up...


Haven't been able to watch anime in a very long time.




I really like this picture for some reason


File: 1561150853228.jpg (497.81 KB, 529x750, __princess_of_the_crystal_….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

My current favorite anime is Mawaru Penguindrum and my favorite current anime is the Bocchi one.


File: 1561154398384.png (968.29 KB, 1280x720, [Some-Stuffs]_Jojo's_Bizar….png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

wow I didn't know there were jojofrens here


File: 1561155026877.png (51.39 KB, 197x146, tumblr_inline_p3zu8qBWay1v….png) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

of course there are! <3


File: 1561205158735.jpg (714.59 KB, 1401x1185, __cirno_izayoi_sakuya_and_….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Sakuya is my favourite jojo!


File: 1561250258111.jpg (265.15 KB, 1280x720, Kemono Friends - 12 [720p]….jpg) [ IQDB | SauceNAO ]

Kemono Friends, Gintama or Aikatsu. I can't decide...

And I never follow any anime news or track what's coming up, I just take it as it comes.


Favorite... maybe Milky Holmes or K-on.

I'm looking forward to Vinland Saga next season.


It's hard to pick a favourite...

I am looking forward to Doctor Stone.


So far, I'm looking forward to Cop Craft the most. I can't remember watching a buddy cop since Rush Hour, but this first episode has had comedy and serious elements to it.
As for leftovers, there is the end of Jojo and Kimetsu no Yaiba.

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